Design solution
Differentiated mediation services
Winner of
Nominated In
Production Year
The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs
Design company
EGGS Design
Åshild Herdlevær, Åshild Stav, Annie Feddersen Hjelmervik, Paal Holter, Marte Grevsgard & Ingvill Hoffart

This new service is designed to help divorce-related mediation in families, and is suited to the different conflict levels of parent cooperation.

The Jury says
This is a new design approach to help people through difficult conversations and to avoid unnecessary conflict. A great example of design that can make a difference in a not so obvious area, and a brave move for a public institution to trust design principles in such an emotional field. The pilot documents an increase in the proportion of child conversations, and 40% of parents in high conflict coming to an agreement through the process. It is more than a digital tool based on algorithms, as it facilitates human contact, e.g. with a psychologist, within the digital service.

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