Design solution
The Breathable House
Production Year
Egen Vinding og Datter
Design company
House Arkitekter
Søren Blicher

The Breathable House is a sustainable building made from local, compostable materials and focuses on minimizing the use of resources.

The jury says
The Breathable House is a reminder and a guide in reconsidering a number of construction materials and methods from the past in today’s construction. Materials and methods that we may have forgotten, but that we can benefit from using again because they are more sustainable than those used in much construction today. The Breathable House is in many ways an experiment in building a 100% sustainable house and has in some ways served as a lab, teaching us to move forward by looking back and rediscovering traditional construction methods. The house teaches us what works, as well as what does not. It has helped accelerate the sustainable transition in the construction industry and has thus become a game changer for the sustainable construction of tomorrow.

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