Design solution
Design to Improve Life Education
Production Year
INDEX: Design to Improve Life
INDEX: Design to Improve Life,
City of Copenhagen,
City of Malmo,
University of Southen Denmark,
Danish Ministry of Teaching,
100 teachers,
10.000 students/pupils

Design to Improve Life Education (DILE) is an educational format that puts design-based sustainable innovation on the agenda in schools and activates the talent in schools as a resource for society. DILE train teachers to lead structured, inclusive and creative learning processes to motivate the full range of children’s competencies while they learn from real-life challenges around them.

The jury says
Design to Improve Life Education brings an outstanding holistic didactic in play with design methods, creates entirely new ways of learning and putting sustainability on the agenda while offering children and youth a unique platform for better learning through a constructive, active approach to solving central challenges in their lives. Apart from being conceptually quite unique, the design approach includes an exemplary involvement of teachers, didactic experts and, not least, thousands of children, and it has been successful in places as diverse as Elsinore, Colorado, Aarhus and Taipei.

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