Design solution
The Metro City Ring
Production Year
Metro Service A/S
Design company
Line Kurtzweil, Bianca Lehd Lauesen, Philip Battin Ida Yndal Mikkelsen, Bo Linnemann, Lars Larson & Mimi Mai Nylin

The Metro City Ring is a graphic project making it easy to navigate and use the M3 Metro Cityring and M4 København K – Orientkaj across its 19 stations for all users of the new Copenhagen Metro lines.

The Jury says
The Graphic illustration of The City Ring changes the experience of what inner Copenhagen is and expands the perception of the city center. The map stands out as an icon for the city. The simple color coding in the graphic design makes the geography easily understandable for everyone. This is a graphic that you would like as a logo on a t-shirt.

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