Design solution
City Escapes
Production Year
Mercedes-Benz Denmark
Design company
Good News Studio
Emil Wilk, Thomas Høedholt, Kristoffer Dahy Ernst, Mike Wittrup, Luca Rasmussen, Christian Lacoppidan, Magnus Maarbjerg, Lauge Falkentorp, Daniel Schefte, David Engstrøm, Signe Christiani, Jonas Bang & Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

City Escapes presents a new approach to the “take a car for a test drive” concept. Instead of the short test drive, people can now borrow the car for a day with tips for day trips out of the city.

The Jury says
This is a well-thought through and effective campaign to a specific audience which had a significant sales impact for Mercedes Benz in Denmark. Mercedes dares to shift the perception of their product, the car, and in this campaign the brand becomes younger and more targeted towards urban dwellers.

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