Design solution
BOX Playground
Production Year
Design company
Tarik Arnautovic
Building team
Katrine Bencke Fremmen,
Pil Bloch Duus,
Kasper Bauer

The BOX Playground project brings joy to a post-civil-war neighbourhood. It activates the local residents by means of simple design solutions made of affordable and natural materials

The jury says
Relevant design is not always about years-long processes, prototyping, approval procedures and investments. Sometimes, a good idea, simply executed, can be at least as impactful for the people whose everyday life it influences. The modular DIY Box Playground was built in 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the initiators worked with locals to create a new urban playground for the city’s children. An appealing and involving project that activated the local community and brought play, joy and hope to a poor region of Europe.

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