Design solution
Børnenes Bibliotek i Billund
Production Year
Billund Citizen & Service Centre
Design company
Rosan Bosch Studio

Børnenes Bibliotek i Billund (The children’s library in Billund) is a unique concept design for Billund Library with a focus on children, play, learning and creativity. In every detail, the library is designed to inspire children and people of all ages to learn and explore new topics, based on a combination of free play, discovery learning and physical movement.

The jury says
This design employs an original and different way of learning and of using the library. Libraries face a huge challenge from digitization, as everything goes online. Here, a physical space is re-created for reading and learning. It is going to create significant value for users in terms of better learning by virtue of its understanding of how learning happens and the optimization of the learning situation itself. Moreover, the design clearly shows concern for aesthetic qualities.

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