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Benefits of a Toilet
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The Why Foundation
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Simon Andersen Studio
Simon Andersen Nørredam

This film is part of the media initiative; WHY WOMEN? by The Why Foundation, to raise awareness of the challenges faced by women and girls today. The film is today being used as educational material.

The jury says
Worldwide, more people have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet. That is one of the surprising points one remembers after watching Benefits of a Toilet. The short film, released in Denmark in 2016 by the Why Foundation, aims to generate awareness of an overlooked problem that is especially burdensome for girls and women in developing countries. The film communicates beautifully and logically, and the modest effects deliver the message in an unpretentious manner while maintaining a sober and serious tone.

Additional credits: Script: Trine Beckett – Speak: Helen Mirren – WHY WOMEN? producer: Mette Bjerregaard – Concept: Cosmic People – Funding: Det Obelske Familiefond.

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