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Be My Eyes
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Be My Eyes
Hans Jørgen Wiberg,
Christian Erfurt Hansen

Be My Eyes is an app to help visually impaired and a global network of compassionate volunteers. The app connects a blind person with sighted helpers through their smartphone, effectively crowdsourcing eyes – or vision – on demand. The app and network system is designed as a shuffle-call system that forwards the request until answered, establishing a live video connection to the first available helper.

The jury says
Be My Eyes is a ground-breaking innovation in its field with a disruptive touch. Until now, we have shared physical objects and digital products. And technology has been something you could add to you body. This takes the sharing to a new stage. Now we can share our senses. What a great vision.

Be My Eyes has potentials for taking the idea to the next business level, where the idea is not just targeted at blind users but at others who need a set of eyes. It is an extraordinary example of using technology to connect people. Imagine what else we could do if technology enables more of these peer to peer solutions.

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