Design solution
Production Year
Ambu A/S
Design company
Ambu A/S
Morten Jacobsen,
Peer Hoffmann,
Brian Nielsen,
Troels Nicolaj Qvist,
Christina Hahnemann

Ambu® aScope™ 3 is a single-use bronchoscope for use in the airways of hospital patients. It is a device that doctors use to make airway procedures simple, safe and cost-effective.

The jury says
How would you like sharing a toothbrush with the gentleman in the hospital bed next to yours? You wouldn’t? Well, then, why share a bronchoscope? That is the thinking behind Ambu aScope 3. The bronchoscope is a design idea that stands out for its potential to redefine the market where Ambu is already an important player. It is the youngest member in a family of sterile disposable bronchoscopes with a variety of external diameters and differently sized channels for intubations and bronchoscopies. The disposable bronchoscopes simplify procedures for the healthcare staff, and the patient’s risk of exposure to resistant germs is reduced as hospitals and clinics move from reusable to disposable bronchoscopes.

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