Design solution
Production Year
Leapcraft Aps
Design company
Aleksande Kongshaug, Lasse Lind, Susan Carruth, Jens Jørgensen, Jonathan Jubé, Nina Viltoft, Kasper Guldager, Kåre Poulsgaard, Henry Glogau, Lone Feifer, Lara Blasberg, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Osvald Pless, Priya Mani and Vinay Venkatraman

The AirBird combines state-of-the-art sensors and elegant design to provide a new solution that contributes to a healthier indoor climate. The bird measures the air quality – CO2, temperature and humidity. Thus, the bird quickly detects poor air quality and chirps and flashes when the air needs to be changed.

The Jury says
A lot of air sensors are often neutral in their design, but this solution encourages awareness and conversation around indoor climate. The link to the canary in the coalmine reference is clever. The design seems very deliberate – a bird that sits on the wall. It makes for a strong metafor. It gives associations to origami artwork in the design, but can still be mass-produced.

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