Design solution
Air.Go On
Production Year
Marcus Pedersen ApS
Design company
Marcus Pedersen ApS
Sara Clement

Air.Go On is an automatic self-service bag drop solution for airports which can be mounted on existing counters. The unit is height adjustable and the idea is to treat all passengers equally.

The jury says
Self-service solutions save on labour costs, and moreover, every minute saved during check-in means more time for shopping, restaurant visits and other ways to spend. Hence, the transition to baggage-drop and self-service check-in solutions is moving forward rapidly. With Air.Go On, the Marcus Pedersen company wants to be ready for new accessibility requirements with a height-adjustable module that can be installed on existing service counters. The module lets wheelchair-users, children and travellers all heights drop their bags off at the same counter. That frees us space at the airport and reduces the need for special assistance without the need to replace all the furniture.

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