Design solution
2,1 kg of Elegance
Production Year
Asahi Wood
Design company
Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

A light-weight, thin and elegant dining chair of wood. This chair’s combination of lightness and strength is due to a minimal construction, – a glued frame made of smaller pieces of Ash wood. High tech wood joints for the frame construction makes it super strong.

The transparent and slightly flexible seat is woven with a polyester line. The entire Ash frame can be recycled, and the Polyester line can be separated from the frame and recycled too.

The Jury says
The 2,1 kg of Elegance chair appears very aesthetic and sophisticated in the slim and sligthly curved design. Despite the open-weaved structure of the seat, it is super comfortable, – which surprised us a little. In addition, the lightness makes it easy to lift and move the chair. This is super high quality of craftmanship.

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