Too Good To Go, LEGO house, BIG, Danfoss and Joe & the Juice were among the winners of Danish Design Award 2018. The awards were given the designers and companies behind the great and value creating Danish Design solutions in 15 categories.

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“Denmark is world known as a Design nation. And why is that” I believe, it is because we are great at solving problems. We are great at collaborating. We are great at asking the right questions and gain new knowledge. What Danish Design Award do is celebrating both companies that think big and the small idea that can become big. Danish Design Award is our instrument to celebrate the designers, the processes, the thoughts behind the solution, and not least – maybe most important – the effect of great design.” says Abelone Varming, Managing Director fat Design denmark, the association of the Danish Design industry.

”Danish Design Award is the one time of year where we celebrate the best of the best within Danish Design and the difference it makes for you and for me. It is through design and design methods that we can develop solutions for the next society and create meaning and value for people. Whether it is a digital platform that ease the communication between a pacemaker patient and doctors or an app that helps us regulate our thermostats and better indoor climate.” says Christian Bason, CEO at Dansk Design Center.

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