Danish Design Award celebrates talents and welfare design at award show in Kolding

Round two of the Danish Design Award event took place on Wednesday night in Svane Shipping’s warehouse in Kolding harbour, where the winners of four new award categories and two special awards were announced. Among them are the game-changing Open Embassy, the aesthetic-functional walking frame Scandinavian Indoor, the expansive car-sharing concept GoMore and the partnership-building VenligBolig, which promotes the integration of refugee families. Awards also went to human-centred design in the ‘Young Talent’ category and to the audience favourite RAM’N in the ‘People’s Choice’ category.

It is a great pleasure to present the winners of the Danish Design Award 2017 in cooperation with this year’s partner municipality, Kolding, and D2i. The award-winners exemplify the high degree of innovation and value in the solutions created by designers and companies throughout the country. The winning solutions have a unique user focus that springs from Denmark’s strong design DNA and a social and environmental awareness that reflects our welfare society. Not least the young talents show empathic design solutions that generate value, says Henrik Weiglin, CEO of Denmark’s largest, independent design interest and industry organization, Design denmark (Dd).

The categories of the Danish Design Award reflect the full palette of design making a difference for individuals, companies and society. The award also demonstrates that design is the tool that makes companies competitive and enables them to develop new and superior solutions driven by empathy with users and clients. We consider it a shared task for public and private actors to promote the innovation that design generates throughout the country. That is why the broad cooperation we are witnessing tonight is so important – and such a pleasure to see, says Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre.

The selection of finalists and award-winners reflects the broad scope of Danish design. It also serves as an excellent illustration that Danish business and industry and the public sector have embraced design as a tool, not only for creating attractive solutions but also for managing complex challenges on the users’ terms. As co-host of this year’s award show in Kolding, we are delighted to see the close collaboration of the Danish design field that makes it possible to celebrate and stage big events like the Danish Design Award across the country, says Thit Juul Madsen, CEO of D2i.

The four new Danish Design Award categories and winners in 2017:

In the Building Markets category, the winner is GoMore – the ride-sharing concept that connects drivers, helps them save money and makes driving more eco-friendly and social. In addition to reducing the number of cars on our roads, GoMore has cultivated a market for commercial car rental and engaged in significant expansion abroad.

In the Fostering Partnerships category, the winner is Venligbolig – a housing concept enabling local government and citizens to work together to find suitable homes for refugees and prevent further ghettoisation. In addition to the partnership between the municipal administration and the home-owner, a partnership also emerges between the Danish and the refugee family who interact in a shared effort to bridge the cultural and language gap.

In the Improved Welfare category, the winner is Scandinavian Indoor – a series of walking frames adapted to both indoor and outdoor use. For many people, the use of a walking frame is associated with a loss of personal dignity and identity in addition to the impact on the intimate domestic sphere when welfare technology is installed in the home. Scandinavian Indoor takes up this challenge with its functional design and harmonious expression, which puts the person centre stage and blends seamlessly into the home without introducing an institutional feel.

In the Game Changer category, the winner is Open Embassy – a design concept based on pop-up embassies that represents a brand-new approach where diplomacy reaches out and comes to the people rather than hiding in heavily guarded embassy buildings. The project is a social design that turns traditional diplomacy inside out, and which may inspire other public agencies to greater openness and transparency.

The Young Talent award went to two recipients this year:

Sofie Holm Larsen for her design solution Poetic instructions in heart massage – an animation film that visualises the instructions for heart massage. To convey its message, the film establishes a universe that is simultaneously factual and poetic, appealing to both heart and mind by simple means.

Emilie Dissing Wiehe won for her solution RO (calm) – three specially designed products aimed at improving quality of life for people with dementia. An example that design can also be about driving welfare innovation by developing carefully thought-out and beautiful products shaped to match the user’s needs.

RAM’N won the special award People’s Choice – a simple and appealing wooden frame with a special mechanism that expands the function from framing to storage. RAM’N is designed for children’s drawings; it makes it super-easy to frame the child’s latest creation by simply pushing the drawing against the acrylic rail; and over time it can contain a whole collection of drawings – or whatever else one might want to use it for.

Press photos can be downloaded here:

See to read more about the award-winning solutions, designers and companies as well as full-text jury statements.

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