Proudly presenting: The 2017 finalists
Trofæet ved Danish Design Award. Foto: Agnete Schlichtkrull

The Danish Design Award is now able to present this year’s finalists in Denmark’s leading award for design: A particularly strong field of design solutions stands out among more than 200 entries – and both designers and businesses alike now wait excitedly for the announcement of the 18 category winners in May.

Who will be celebrated as this year’s exceptional young design talent? Which design solution will impress the audience the most with its potential for furthering education and improving learning? And which design will have us all marvelling at its ability to improve our everyday lives or our working conditions?

We will not have the answers just yet – but until this year’s award shows in Copenhagen and Kolding on 8 May and 31 May, respectively, we may explore an impressive array of selected finalists. In each of the 18 categories, 4 finalists have been chosen by the international Jury of the Danish Design Award – through a selection process consisting of an individual shortlisting by each Member of the Jury followed by close examination, debate and voting during two intense Jury days hosted by northmodern at Bella Center in Copenhagen.

See the 2017 finalists here

The field of finalists offers a unique look at the state of Danish design just now – and an exceptional view upon the multitude of ways in which design makes a difference for businesses, society and citizens. Danish design in the year 2017 appears quite ready to tackle the challenges faced by modern society and sets a very high standard in terms of uniting commercially sustainable, strong business concepts with socially responsible, human-centred design. The roster of finalists of this year’s Danish Design Award thus also shows that the Danish design DNA is not only alive and well, but indeed appears able to cope excellently with whatever challenges the future may offer in relation to growth, welfare, urban development, sustainable solutions and a better life for the individual person.

– The overall vision of the Danish Design Award is to demonstrate nationally and internationally the difference design can make and to share our love of what great design can do. Each year, we hope to come across something we have not quite seen before; something that truly makes a difference and might perhaps even inspire businesses and designers around the world. To my mind, this is very much the case when you look at this year’s roster of finalists, said Jesper von Wieding, Chairman of the Jury.

About the Jury & Criteria of Evaluation
Each year, the Danish Design Award Jury is appointed jointly by Design Denmark – the Danish Design industry association – and the Danish Design Centre. The jury is comprised by members with a strong background in business or design or both. Each Member of the Jury is matched with one of the 18 categories or special awards based on their expertise or experience and each Member serves as an ambassador for their own category.

The Jury evaluates the submitted design solutions and products along four key criteria, corresponding with the value creation and/or effect of the design:
1. Does the design create value for people, businesses and society?
2. Does the design demonstrate deep empathy with the end user’s needs and situation in life?
3. Is it visionary – and is it likely to lead the way for other solutions, companies or designers??
4. Is the execution or craftsmanship done aesthetically and with care?

All Members of the Danish Design Award Jury donate their time and expertise to the project on a voluntary basis due to a desire to further the goals of the award: To show the value and effect of great design and celebrate the many positive effects that design creates for the everyday life of individual people, the business community and society at large – as well as to mark the position of Danish design at the forefront of the industry, nationally and internationally.

See the 2017 finalists here

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