Danish Design Award 2016 Presents the Winners
Winners of Better Work, Daily Life and Feel Good Awards - with HRH Crown Prince Frederik, who handed out the awards. Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull

On Thursday, 7 April, the Danish Design Award presented this year’s winners – an array of value-creating design solutions across eleven categories and four special awards.

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– We are very proud to present this first line-up of winners of the Danish Design Award. And it’s a pleasure to see how well these solutions illustrate the many ways in which design can make a difference, for business and society as well as for individuals. These are all strong solutions that generate real value, ranging from tangible, everyday solutions to the abstract and visionary, says Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre.

– This year’s winners illustrate the diversity of Danish design today and demonstrate an innovation capacity that does a design nation proud: a veritable catalogue of ways for design to address some of the most urgent questions facing society today, including future growth and welfare solutions, sustainability and a better working life. With this new Danish design award, we have brought together businesses and designers and created an international window on Danish design, says Morten Grøn, CEO of Design denmark.

In the category Employment Growth, Coloplast A/S and Coloplast Design Team received the award for the design solution SenSura Mio – a commendable product that rethinks the ostomy bag and makes life easier for millions of people.

In the category Message Received, I’MPERFECT X LOVERAMICS X OLOIYA, 3X and Jesper von Wieding, David Ramskov, Eddy Yu, Hung Lam, Joseph Foo, Luke Teong, Leong Kah Fai, Wang Shaoqiang and Cho Chong Gee recived the award for the design solution I’MPERFECT ( I AM PERFECT ) – a design that sends a strong message and promotes sustainability by giving ‘rejects’ a new life as one-offs by embracing their imprefections.

In the category Save Money, Innogie ApS and Kristian Harley Hansen and Stephan Olesen received the award for the design solution Innogie Roofing System – an aesthetic, innovative and affordable solar energy roof that pays for itself after just a few years of use.

In the category Share Resources, Be My Eyes and Hans Jørgen Wiberg and Christian Erfurt Hansen received the award for the design solution Be My Eyes – a pioneering concept based on an app that enables a global network of volunteers to assist people with a visual impairment. The app brings the sharing economy into a new era, where we can even share our senses.

In the category Better Work, Cama Plastics ApS and Hân Pham and Kent Laursen received the award for the design solution Yellowone Handsafe – a simple and comprehensible solution that makes it easy for healthcare workers to disinfect their hands without leaving the patient’s side, thus serving as part of the solution to the global problem of poor hand hygiene, which annually costs more than 16 million lives.

In the category Daily Life, Evershelter ApS and Jakob Christensen and Claus Heding received the award for the design solution Lifeshelter – a new, robust and flexible type of shelter for refugees that offers added security and dignity and a degree of normalcy in a chaotic situation.

In the category Feel Good, Den Erhvervsdrivende Fond Blindes Arbejde and Rosa Tolnov Clausen received the award for the design solution H.O.W. – Hands On Wowen: a tactile toolbox that lets blind weavers act as co-designers and encourages us to ‘see with our fingers’ to experience the world from someone else’s perspective by translating the blind weaver’s experience for a sighted audience.

In the category Better Learning, Labster ApS and Mads Bonde and Michael Bodekær received the award for the design solution Labster Virtual Laboratories – an innovative lab simulator that uses new technology to link physical and digital learning and make highly specialised lab sessions available to a much larger user group.

In the category Clean World, Egetæpper A/S and Carol Appleton received the award for the design solution Reform Memory – a rug made of recycled water bottles and fishing nets; an innovative way to incorporate sustainability into an industrial process, which illustrates how the circular economy can be good business without compromising on either aesthetics or function.

In the category Healthy Life, Icono A/S Development Project and Peter Bysted, Philip Egebak and Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen received the award for the design solution The Child-friendly latrine project – a new efficient latrine type for disaster areas and refugee camps that addresses a major global problem by reducing the risk of deadly infections for children and families in disaster areas.

In the category Outstanding Service, Be My Eyes and Hans Jørgen Wiberg and Christian Erfurt Hansen received a second award for the design solution Be My Eyes – because it also constitutes a ground-breaking service design in its use of new technology as a basis for new human communities and connections.

The special Icon Award went to Skype, created by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, for revolutionising the way we connect and communicate. Skype not only eliminated steep telephone bills but transformed the communications field and has become a both iconic and commonplace verb in most of the world.

The special Visionary Concepts award went to Kirkbi and Realdania and URGENT.AGENCY and BJARKE INGELS GROUP (BIG) for the design solution Capital of Children – a comprehensive, complex and profoundly visionary project that puts children first and aims to help the world think differently by listening to young people and embracing children’s perspective.

The special Young Talent award went to design student Morten Grønning Nielsen, whose Power Glove makes it possible to shape hard materials such as rock or wood directly by hand. This poetic solution is man turned machine, the human body turned maker, a bridge to Scandinavian design and a link from the modern world to the crafts traditions of our grandparents.

In the special People’s Choice award, almost 2000 people voted online. The choice fell on Lifeshelter, which thus receives its second award for providing a new, robust and flexible type of shelter for refugees that offers added security and dignity and a degree of normalcy in a chaotic situation.

See all the winners of Danish Design Award 2016 to read more about the winners and nominees and to read the jury’s statements in full.

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