Design solution
Space Sensescapes-evoking Home in the cosmic maze
Maria Jedryszek

This project is a speculative design piece aiming to provoke a discussion of the importance of emotional wellbeing while working on future space exploration missions. As we plan to colonize Mars and send people to the moon, how can we build habitats for survival and homes for human beings? The project explores the meaning of home and underlines the power of senses and memory.

The jury says
The space sense scapes concept raises the question of how to build homes for survival on other planets. It opens the ability to imagine alternative ways of living by raising awareness around the risks all humans face. Indeed, it’s a timely project, as space tourism is rising. We’re so much into tech today and making it the “new God of everything,” and this project pulls us back and reminds us that we are humans with senses. After all, using our senses is part of what makes us human.

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