Design solution
Scarcity table
Production Year
Design company
Tegnestuen Grønborg
Hector Grundtdal Grønborg

The Scarcity Table is produced with waste materials and designed to allow for flexible production. No piece of the wooden construction is longer than 65cm, easing the sourcing process, which is especially important in this time of material scarcity. The current version is produced with waste wood from flooring and A:GAINs DraughtMaster tabletops.

The jury says
This is a very compassionate, beautiful, and direct way to reuse materials – both new waste, old waste, and off-cut materials. The dining table balances the right amount of simplicity yet with a variety of details. It’s a fascinating and innovative piece of furniture that makes you feel good. Additionally, it earns high marks for addressing the global and urgent need to reuse existing resources.

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