Nordic Talks
Nordic Council of Ministers
Design company
Jens Munk, Harley Nanfeld Foged, Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen & Eva Svavars (Lead Agency)

The Nordic Talks concept is generated to start meaningful conversations across the globe. As a series of live talks being held worldwide centered around the SDGs, all talks focus on solutions and actions that can solve the challenges we face as a global community: climate change, demographic change, political change, and social change. Concept developed in collaboration with Lead Agency and Nordic Council of Ministers.

The jury says
It’s a clever idea to use Nordic Talks as a thought process rather than a location to share Nordic perspectives and values. An interesting aspect is the interaction with the Nordic diaspora worldwide; this is where the idea can really take off. Since 2020 more than 90 talks have been organized, with 240 partners and 44 different countries involved. To prolong the lasting value of these important sessions, all live talks have been recorded for podcasts. It truly is a great idea to address relevant topics in a fresh and modern design that is relatable for the next generations, representing the Nordics in the world – not to it

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