Design solution
Lise Vester
VIA Design and Business, VIA University College

Lise Vester is a former student of VIA University College. Her design philosophy is centered on the quality of life, and with her own product line, “The Dream View,” she focuses on increasing mental health through meditative breaks. Her designs have been recognized in Denmark as well as abroad. 

The jury says
The focus on improving mental well-being is crucial. Especially given present times where mental health issues are on the rise. Fortunately, Lise’s solution, “The Dream View,” a mental and meditative break, takes this problem very seriously, and the result is brilliant. The bench has excellent back support, while the lamp gives a certain sense of reduced anxiety, ultimately resulting in a calming ambiance that is also pleasing to the eye. This calm setting is beneficial for our mental well-being, as it encourages us to stop, think, and gain new perspectives. We could all use a break like this.

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