Design solution
Lisbjerg/Made in Aarhus
Production Year
Design company
Anders Lendager, Stig Ammitzbøll Jørgensen, Jørn Kisslinger, Magnus Kûhn, Anton Bro & Susan Honore

Made in Aarhus is a housing project based on Aarhus Municipality’s major development plan for the Lisbjerg area, where the vision is to create a diverse district with varied buildings. At the same time, the idea behind the project is to create housing with sustainable solutions and circular construction at its core. Furthermore, the ‘Made in Aarhus’ name reflects an ambition to use locally recycled materials from Aarhus and the surrounding area as much as possible.

The jury says
Lisbjerg is a social and sustainable project showing great resource awareness. It is placed in an organic way that stimulates community and fits nicely into the surroundings. For cities to be livable in the future, diversity, affordability, and sustainability are key elements. It’s fantastic to see how this project combines these elements by featuring mixed housing typologies to accommodate low-income families, students, and the elderly. This project contributes to a better quality of life for everyone.

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