Design solution
Fingerspelling with Machine Learning
Production Year
American Society for Deaf Children
Design company
Hello Monday
Anders Sønderby Jessen, Anders Mikkelsen, Rikke Agersnap, Toni Grosschen, Patryjca Holm & Victor Rønnow

Fingerspelling is a browser-based app designed in partnership with the American Society for Deaf Children. Using a webcam and machine learning, the spelling app analyzes your hand shapes to help you learn how to sign the American Sign Language alphabet correctly. It addresses language deprivation and helps bridge the communication barrier between a deaf and a hearing person.

The jury says
This app is very user-friendly, easy to understand, and shows an innovative alternative to passive learning. 2-3 out of 1000 children born in the US are deaf or hearing impaired. Hence, this program fills a significant void in society. In addition to serving as a helpful answer to the communication gap between parent and child, the app also embraces the situation and makes it fun to learn a new language.

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