Design solution
Copenhagen Car Free(dom)
Production Year
Design company
JAJA Architects
Robert Martin, Jakob Steen Christensen, Jan Tanaka, Kathrin Gimmel, Stephen Dietz-Hodgson, Emily Himber, Cole Bennette & Finn Buchanan

Copenhagen Car Free(dom) is a speculative project showcasing how the city can develop beyond the framework of private automobile ownership. It looks at potentials and ways to nudge people to make more sustainable mobility choices.

The jury says
This design solution reflects a tremendous and highly likable vision. It’s almost a utopia, and that’s a great place to start to make it a reality someday. Denmark is a pioneering country for making urban development centralize not only around cars but also bikes. This project pushes the boundaries with its vision of car freedom and might be the way for Denmark to keep up its leading position in this field. Especially in a world with an urgent need for sustainable change.

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