Design solution
Aguardio Leak Sensor
Production Year
Xtel Wireless & Aguardio
Thomas Munch-Laursen & Henrik Lie

The Aguardio Leak Sensor identifies toilet leaks in order to save water. Water leakage is a significant challenge in many households, as it ends up being costly for the environment and the people who have a leaky toilet. Creating awareness of water waste can help people live more sustainably.

The jury says
This solution truly addresses a problem that many people are unaware of. It’s estimated that around 5-8% of all toilets are leaking on a daily basis, meaning that many thousands of liters of water go to waste every year. This is both resource-intensive and very expensive. But this simple and very applicable solution can put an end to this waste of resources. It’s small, easy to use, and very applicable to integrate at home. The sensor has the capacity to solve a significant problem in a simple way, ultimately catching up with older hardware technologies that conflict with our urgent need to conserve resources.

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