Product Name
SpeediCath Compact Eve
Production Year
Coloplast A/S
Coloplast Design Team

SpeediCath Compact Eve aims to also consider the emotional needs of women who need to catheterize. It combines functionality with styling inspired by lifestyle products, such as cosmetics, with the goal of creating a stylish, intuitive-to-use product that removes all the visual cues normally associated with medical devices.

The jury says
The key point here is about avoiding stigmatization of medical conditions: This product completely avoids stigmatization, since no one will have any clue what it is. It might be a pen or a lipstick. It is excellently crafted, the colours are attractive, and it is highly functional. The design is elegant and positive and makes you want to handle it. The user is very much at the centre of this design, which convincingly shows a path through an area rife with taboos.

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