Product Name
Integra Line Roof
Production Year
Gaia Solar A/S
Bjørn Rasmussen (Gaia Solar A/S),
Claus Bøgeskov (Steni)

Integra Line is a new roof with hidden solar slates that powers your home with clean renewable energy and complements your home, costing less than an equal roof with projected utility bill savings.

The jury says
In a pioneering move, two Danish companies have joined forces to develop a solar cell roofing solution with solar cells integrated into the roof construction. In addition to expanding the market for solar energy by reducing costs, the solution also makes it simple to replace individual solar cells on a plug-and-play basis, in keeping with technological advances. It also leads to a more harmonious architectural expression, and the availability of Integra Line Roof solutions in different colours and finishes makes it possible to create solar cell panels that can be adapted to different types of roofs and facades.

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Award-year 2017 Powered By You 2.0
Award-year 2017 Integra Line Roof
Integra Line Roof
Award-year 2017 Integra Line Roof
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